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Availabilities : 2015-2016

English Biography

It’s been twenty years since a new group called Arrested Development slammed the gangsta dominated world of hip hop with defiant lyrics of hope. Apparently the world was ready for the change as AD became the first ever hip-hop artist to receive the “best new artist” Grammy, (a distinction it still maintains today in that category). In addition, the group also received a Grammy award for “best rap single” for their anthemic prayer-like hit song, Tennessee.

French Biography

Arrested Development naît en 1988 à l’initiative du rappeur Todd Thomas alias Speech et du DJ Timothy Barnwell alias DJ Headliner à Atlanta aux Etats-Unis. Les deux amis fondent le groupe gangsta rap Disciples of Lyrical Rebellion qui devient plus tard Secret Society.
Influencés par Public Enemy, Speech et DJ Headliner s’orientent vers un rap plus positif qui exprime le point de vue de l’Afrique.