Project & Tour infos
Bill Summers : percussions – Mike Clark : drums – Donald Harrison or Patrick Clahar : sax – Stephen Gordon : keys – Reggie Washington : bass

Avaibilities : 2015-2016

English Biography

From the instant funk classic « Chameleon » to the rare-groove sound of « God Make Me Funky, » the Headhunters have redefined modern funk, world music, and jazz as one of the most innovative groups in history. Following the release of the groundbreaking Head Hunters (1973) the first album to garner gold status in jazz history, the band toured and recorded for several years with legendary pianist Herbie Hancock, releasing the masterpieces Thrust (1974), Flood (1975), and Manchild (1975).  In 1976 the Headhunters ventured out on their own recording the classic Survival Of The Fittest (1976), followed by Straight to the Gate (1978), and Return of the Headhunters (1998).  In 2003, the Headhunters maintain the same vitality and creativity on their newest Basin Street Records release Evolution Revolution.  The album showcases the incredible musical synergy which brought them world fame in the 70s.

French Biography

Des grands groupes de jazz fusion des années 70 parmi lesquels Weather Report, Return to Forever et Stone Alliance, The Headhunters est probablement le plus emblématique, ne serait-ce que par le nombre d’albums vendus. Miles Davis avait ouvert la voie avec les Beaches Brew vendu à plus de 100 000 exemplaires, Headhunters le détrône et devient le premier album platine avec 250 000 exemplaires, catégorie jazz.