ILHAN ERSAHIN'S - Istanbul Session - Jazz World Back / Retour


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Availabilities : 2016-2017

ILHAN ERSAHIN’S ISTANBUL SESSIONS come back with their third studio album “ISTANBUL UNDERGROUND”

Confusion is good sometimes. It’s a way to start thinking about whatever you are confused about.

This is what Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions do since 2008. They managed to fire the stages all across the world: from New York to Istanbul, from Paris to Sao Paolo, from London to Skopje…
Questions they spread all these years where like: are they really turkish? is this really jazz? doesn’t it sound like a rock band? how come a jazz ensemble can really be like a band? How can they be so able to jam with any musician they meet on stage? And so on…

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Ilhan Ershain's Interview on FRANCE 24