BL MUSIC - Toutes les musiques Afro Americaine : Jazz/SOUL /Hip Hop/Funk -Agence de Booking Internationale - FR

Producteur, agent, tourneur, manageur, directeur artistique du festival Paris new york heritage,  directeur de formation  "charge de diffusion" ,formateur  pour divers écoles ( Science PO', ATLA, EAC, iscpa etc )  BL Music s’occupe  depuis 2007 de tournées françaises et étrangères, produit des concerts à Paris, promeut la musique jazz, hip hop et funk à travers  le monde, Produit le festival Pairs new york heritage , a Paris , New york , Montreal, Vancouver et en Afrique .

BL Music Productions - all african american Music : Jazz/ SOUL /Hip Hop/Funk - International Booking Agency - EN

Paris-based producer, booker and manager, Benjamin Levy has solide experience of 20+ years  in the music industrie. He founded the agency BL MUSIC PRODUCTIONS in 2007 and works mainly with international artists. Passionate by African american culture and music : jazz, soul , funk and Hip hop. he has worked with globally renowned artists as James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Magma, Archie Shepp, Roy Ayers, Billy Cobham, Azymuth and Fred Wesley. A keen musician himself, Benjamin was first seduced by the music industry as a career when he was still a student, attending gigs and making music documentaries about some of his heroes.